Idea: Your life searchable through Norch – NOde seaRCH, IFTTT and Google Drive

First some disclaimers: This has been posted earlier on Even though some of these ideas are not what you’d normally implement in a business environment, some of the concepts can obviously be transferred over to businesses trying to provide an efficient workplace for its employees. Norch is developed by Fergus McDowall, an employee of [...]

Bitbucket to Elasticsearch Connector

“Ability to search source code? (BB-39)” is an issue created in July 2011 on Bitbucket and its status is still new. If you have used Bitbucket before, you would have certainly noticed that there is no way to search in a repository’s source code. Now what if you had more than 200 repositories (as is [...]

Solr: Indexing SQL databases made easier!

Update Part two is now available here! At the beginning of this year Christopher Vig wrote a great post about indexing an SQL database to the internet’s current search engine du jour, Elasticsearch. This first post in a two part series will show that Apache Solr is a robust and versatile alternative that makes indexing [...]

ELK in one (Vagrant) box

In this blog post we introduce a Vagrant box to easily create configurable and reproducible development environments for ELK (Elasticsearch, Logastash and Kibana). At Comperio, we mainly use this box for query log analysis using the ELK stack. In case you don’t know, Vagrant is a free and open-source software that combines VirtualBox (a virtualization [...]

Bygger søkesystemer for næringslivet

If you are a new graduate, or about to graduate, and wondering what is it like to be working with search technology at Comperio, read this interview with UiO (University of Oslo): For eksempel kan jeg hjelpe et selskap med å lage bedre søk for å finne informasjon internt i organisasjonens datasystem. Det første jeg [...]

SharePoint ULS log analysis using ELK

E is for Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics engine that extends the limits of full-text search through a robust set of APIs and DSLs, to deliver a flexible and almost limitless search experience. L is for Logstash One of the most popular open source log parser solutions on the market, Logstash has the possibility of reading any data source [...]

Discovery engine that actually works? Recipe app to the rescue!

Great day, our seasonal food recipe search app, or just “Recipe app” for short, is in public beta… or maybe only a late alpha release. Anyway, it’s mature enough so you can get an idea of how it will look and work. Seeing others use it, I’m inclined to call it a recipe discovery engine. [...]

Dictatorial control over recipe search results using elasticsearch and function_score

Once the design for the seasonal recipes app started coming into place, we soon saw there was something fishy about the results. Elasticsearch and custom relevancy to the rescue!

SharePoint search display templates made easy

One of the most interesting features in SharePoint 2013 are the display templates. This blog post will describe how to customize a search display template in order to show the item created date. The display templates are located in the site collection root site, under the _catalogs/Display Templates folder. Each template has two files: the html [...]

Searching for “miljø” inside of “arbeidsmiljø” using Elasticsearch and the ngram tokenizer

Compound words are a big problem for Norwegians. The young don’t know how to use them, search engines struggle with them as well. Elasticsearch and the ngram tokenizer offers one possible solution.

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