Christoffer Vig

Christoffer Vig
Senior Consultant at Comperio. Christoffer started putting small blocks together to form interesting shapes already as a very young boy. He never stopped.

ELK stack deployment with Ansible

As human beings, we like to believe that each and every one of us is a special individual, and not easily replaceable. That may be fine, but please, don’t fall into the habit of treating your computer the same way.

Elasticsearch: Shield protected Kibana with Active Directory

Elasticsearch easily stores terabytes of data, but how can you make sure users only see the data they should? This post will explore how to use Shield, a plugin for Elasticsearch, to authenticate users with Active Directory.

Impressions from Berlin Buzzwords 2015

May 31 – June 3 2015 Stream processing, Internet of things, Real time analytics, Big data, Recommendations, Machine learning. Berlin Buzzwords undoubtedly lives up to its name by presenting the frontlines of data technology trends.

Analyzing web server logs with Elasticsearch in the cloud

Using Logstash and Kibana on Found by Elastic, Part 1 This is part one of a two post blog series, aiming to demonstrate how to feed logs from IIS into Elasticsearch and Kibana via Logstash, using the hosted services provided by Found by Elastic. This post will deal with setting up the basic functionality and [...]

Ny versjon av Comperio FRONT.NET

Comperio har gjennom tidenes løp levert over 100 søkeprosjekter. Tankegods, svette og erfaringer hentet fra dette arbeidet har krystallisert seg inn i vår egentuviklede programvare for søkeapplikasjoner: FRONT. Tidligere i vår lanserte vi versjon 5 av Java-FRONT, denne gang er det den noe yngre fetteren Comperio FRONT.NET som har fått ligge på operasjonsbordet. Hovedtrekkene i [...]

3 steg til Big Data

Big data er tidens tredje hotteste buzzword, men ikke alle er klar over hva det er, hvor de kan finne det, eller hva man skal med det. Big Data er i ferd med å vokse frem under beina på de fleste av oss. Det digitale universet fordobles for annet hvert år som går.  Internett, mobil og ikke minst tingenes [...]

How to develop Logstash configuration files

Installing logstash is easy. Problems arrive only once you have to configure it. This post will reveal some of the tricks the ELK team at Comperio has found helpful.

Elastic{ON}15: Day two

March 11, 2015 Keynote Fighting the crowds to find a seat for the keynote at Day 2 at elastic{ON}15 we were blocked by a USB stick with the curious caption  Microsoft (heart) Linux. Things have certainly changed.

Elastic{ON}15: Day one

March 10, 2015 At Comperio we have been speculating for a while now that Elasticsearch might just drop search from their name. With Elasticsearch spearheading the expansion of search into analytics and all sorts of content and data driven applications such a change made sense to us. What the name would be we had no [...]

Kibana 4 – the beer analytics engine

Kibana 4 is a great tool for analyzing data. Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian government owned alcoholic beverage retail monopoly, makes their list of products available online in an easily digestible csv format. So, what beer should I buy next? Kibana will soon tell me.


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