Making Synonyms Visible in SharePoint 2013 Search Results

SharePoint 2013 Search has built-in support for thesaurus enrichment of queries. However, synonyms are often not visible in the search results. This post will show you how you can modify the synonym weight using the Ceres shell.

SharePoint 2013 Search internals: The Ceres shell

SharePoint 2013 continues assimilating the FAST ESP search engine.  In FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, the remains of ESP were still visible, and in part available for modification. In SharePoint 2013, you must search hard to find any mentions of FAST or ESP.  Most options for modifying the internal operations of search are locked down, much to the [...]

Querying FSIS with PowerShell

When building IMS search flows in FAST Search for Internet Sites (FSIS), I typically deploy them using the Add-Flow PowerShell cmdlet. One thing that always bugs me, is that there’s no easy way of testing the flows right away from the command-line. Usually, this isn’t a problem; you can always set up a new test [...]

Using a trusted Certificate Authority with FSIS

FAST Search for Internet Sites (FSIS) uses certificate-based security for internal communication, as well as for talking to external applications who want to query the index. The default installation optionally creates and configures a self-signed CA, and issues all necessary certificates. This is handy for development and test installations, when it might not be possible [...]

How to enable WCF tracing in FSIS

When developing client applications using WCF, you’re bound to sooner or later encounter the dreaded “The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error”. This means that the web service threw an unhandled exception, and if you don’t have access to the service itself, you’re simply just out of luck. But [...]

FAST Search for Internet Sites

FAST Search Server 2010 for Internet Sites (FSIS) was released previously this fall, and the first implementations are already well under way. Here at Comperio, we are in the final phases of rolling out our first FSIS-based solution for a customer in Sweden. For the first time since Microsoft’s acquisition of FAST, the broad audience [...]


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