SharePoint 2013 Search Features Availability Matrix

SharePoint 2013 has several deployment options and license models. Each combination comes with a unqiue feature set, so deciding which one to use can be challenging. This article discuss the feature set for Search, also available as a spreadsheet here:

Once upon a time, there was a company called FAST…

…that came out of nowhere, worked its way to the top, and then all of a sudden earlier this year disappeared for good. Time has come to say farewell.

Examining the new search core in SharePoint 2013

I’ve recently had the pleasure of presenting on SharePoint 2013′s new search functionality. First at The NY Enterprise Search User Group, kindly organized by Arcovis, then last week in a webinar with Axceler, and in between internally here at Comperio. While researching, talking about, and listening on what people say about search in SharePoint 2013, I’ve [...]

SharePoint conference 2012 keynote: raising the bar for Enterprise Search

A little after 8:30 this morning, Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint, opened this year’s SharePoint Conference (SPC) to the sound of 10,000 SharePoint geeks simultaneously tapping away on their devices, furiously making #SPC12 the trending topic on Twitter. The release of SharePoint 2013 is touted by Microsoft as a bridge from the past to [...]

In Relevance We Trust

Relevance-based sorting has been the modus operandi for search solutions in the enterprise for quite a while. Even so, many search GUIs still provide alternate sorting based on static metadata. Are we now finally reaching a point where that fall-back is no longer needed? I think so.

Best Bets – and nothing but the Best Bets!

In FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP), Best Bets are result items that are added manually to the results of a search query. But unless you edit the web part, FS4SP will also show you the Keyword Definition along with the Best Bets. Or…?

How FS4SP primary keys work

Just like in most systems that contains data, each indexed content item in FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP) is associated with a certain primary key. No surprises here – in order to update or remove an item from the index, the system must be able to uniquely identify it. For the most part, Microsoft has [...]

Exciting times for FAST Search, report from SPC 2011

Now that this year’s SharePoint conference has come to an end, and although we’ve still haven’t left sunny California just yet, we’d like to take the opportunity to share our view of the last very exciting few days. The Microsoft SharePoint Conference is consistently the number one event on SharePoint. This time, even though it [...]

Learning about nctrl, and disabling the FAST Search Web crawler

In FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP), there are two methods for crawling web sites. Either use the built-in SharePoint crawler on your FAST Content SSA, or use the far more advanced FAST Search Web crawler. For most small web crawls, it’s not necessary to use the latter, but instead much easier to set up a [...]

Querying FSIS with PowerShell

When building IMS search flows in FAST Search for Internet Sites (FSIS), I typically deploy them using the Add-Flow PowerShell cmdlet. One thing that always bugs me, is that there’s no easy way of testing the flows right away from the command-line. Usually, this isn’t a problem; you can always set up a new test [...]


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