user-centered design

Ideas on user driven content and search

What do you do when you have  a lot of content, but not many users interacting with it? Ideas for Comoyo on how to go from boring lists to a suggestion engine, letting the users do the heavy lifting. User driven content and search Check out the presentation on LinkedIn: “Ideas on how to find [...]

Redesigning Netflix – using the Phi spiral

Last week my colleague, Espen Klem, wrote a post about designing a better search result using a visual relevancy-hierarchy building on the Phi spiral. I thought I’d test it out. I decided to use a website that lots of people use – or at least; a kind of page that people could relate to. So I [...]

12 User Experience Classics

Working with search and user experience, I have found plenty of inspiration in many well-written books, articles and lectures. Most of these inspirational sources deal with specific and applicable things like faceted search, design documentation, personas and user testing – familiar topics for everybody who practice user experience design. Other reading experiences leave a deeper [...]

User-friendly design in my grocery store

How can you make your search solution easier to use for your users? By trying to understand how they think, and what their challenges are. Yesterday I went to the store to buy oregano and pizza seasoning mix, amongst other things. Usually I use two or three hours in front of the seasoning shelves to [...]

Making logical design attractive

Here at Comperio we love making design logical. But how do we combine logical design with design that is innovative and modern – design that makes your product stand out more than your competitors product? First of all: How do we define the term logical design? By logical design we mean graphic design with the user [...]

Reading design trends from statistics

Is it possible to see which design is most credible by noting what the big, well-known advertisers do? Or are we just left with a recipe for most common solution? These days I’m working on a project here at Comperio. A project in which I need to know how the companies we compare ourselves with presents them [...]

What Is Right for The Customer?

In a world of ever increasing digital content production I guess we all are feeling the “tsunami” of information swelling into our lives both at home and at work. And the flow never seems to slow down as the amount of information doubles every 18 months. It really is not surprising that a lot of [...]


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