Et bedre personsøk

Jeg har laget mange internsøk de siste årene. Og i brukerintervjuene vi har gjennomført i forprosjektene, har vi funnet at de aller fleste leter etter mennesker: Enten etter et telefonnummer, eller etter eksperten på et fagområde. Målet vårt er ofte å lage en “intern Google” for kundene våre. Det betyr at vi må forstå hva [...]

Better people search

For the last year I have made a few internal searches. Almost every user interview I attend, we find that people are looking for people. Either a colleague’s phone number or email, or an expert on a specific field area. Our goal is often to make “an internal Google” for our customers. That indicates that [...]

Redesigning Netflix – using the Phi spiral

Last week my colleague, Espen Klem, wrote a post about designing a better search result using a visual relevancy-hierarchy building on the Phi spiral. I thought I’d test it out. I decided to use a website that lots of people use – or at least; a kind of page that people could relate to. So I [...]

Tiles: the new search result?

100% of the users know they are looking for a document and not a colleague. So why are we showing them both documents and people in the same search result? A few weeks ago, my colleague Harald and I carried out user interviews at a customer for their “internal Google” solution. Before starting to developing [...]

Når design ødelegger løsningen

Hva skjer hvis vi fokuserer for mye på brukeropplevelse, for eksempel design, og for lite på andre områder av produksjonslinjen? I den russiske hæren … drepte det flere soldater.   I Comperio er dette “vår hellige skrift”:   Vi mener at de beste løsningene befinner seg i sentrum hvor de tre sirklene av “Business”, “User [...]

When design ruins the solution

What happens if we focus too much on user experience, for instance design, and to little on other areas of the production line? In the Russian army … it killed several soldiers. In Comperio, this is “our holy scripture”: We believe that the best solutions hit the center of where the three circles of “Business [...]

An exhaust fan with hidden talents

Four years ago I moved into a newly built house, which of course came with a new kitchen. After four years, the exhaust fan in this kitchen taught me a lesson about pretty design vs. a good user experience. This is how the exhaust fan over the stove our looks: It’s a pretty standard fan, which [...]

Five quick design improvements to your search design

OK. I know you want it. Quick fixes to make your search results look better. These five points will not give you a perfect or necessarily user friendly search results page … but maybe it will be a bit better than before. 1. Enlarge your search box! Why are you hiding it ? Screenshot:  [...]

New Logo and Brand Identity for Comperio

Today we are launching a new brand identity for Comperio. As of now we are stronger, prouder and more clear on what we are: search evangelists! A year ago the Comperio Design Team started with planning and researching for what today has resulted in a new brand identity. It includes a new logo, new branding of services [...]

User-friendly design in my grocery store

How can you make your search solution easier to use for your users? By trying to understand how they think, and what their challenges are. Yesterday I went to the store to buy oregano and pizza seasoning mix, amongst other things. Usually I use two or three hours in front of the seasoning shelves to [...]


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