Search and you shall find “Magnus something-or-other”

At a party, it’s not rare to get to a point in the conversation where you are unsure of the facts. We can either sit and ponder for hours, or we can pick up the smartphone and find the answer. That’s how it should work at the workplace as well. Lately, there have been some [...]

Making logical design attractive

Here at Comperio we love making design logical. But how do we combine logical design with design that is innovative and modern – design that makes your product stand out more than your competitors product? First of all: How do we define the term logical design? By logical design we mean graphic design with the user [...]

Reading design trends from statistics

Is it possible to see which design is most credible by noting what the big, well-known advertisers do? Or are we just left with a recipe for most common solution? These days I’m working on a project here at Comperio. A project in which I need to know how the companies we compare ourselves with presents them [...]

Great design vs. usability

What is more important: Great design or usability? I’m just kidding! They’re both equally important, and can easily be combined.


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