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Search and you shall find “Magnus something-or-other”

At a party, it’s not rare to get to a point in the conversation where you are unsure of the facts. We can either sit and ponder for hours, or we can pick up the smartphone and find the answer. That’s how it should work at the workplace as well. Lately, there have been some [...]

The corporate mashup

Let’s face it. Every developer has at some point produced something that was just right. Something we really put our heart and soul into. An extremely useful tool, a beautiful and useful web site, the most awesome piece of documentation ever written. But after delivery, it turned out that no one used it. We’ve all [...]

Enterprise Search is Maturing

When we started Comperio 6 years ago, many of the search projects were limited to one or two objectives. The goal was often just to “fix” search on the web site and/or the intranet. With the tools and solution concepts we had available at the time that was demanding enough. Today, however, the success of [...]


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