What Is Right for The Customer?

In a world of ever increasing digital content production I guess we all are feeling the “tsunami” of information swelling into our lives both at home and at work. And the flow never seems to slow down as the amount of information doubles every 18 months. It really is not surprising that a lot of [...]

Enterprise Search is Maturing

When we started Comperio 6 years ago, many of the search projects were limited to one or two objectives. The goal was often just to “fix” search on the web site and/or the intranet. With the tools and solution concepts we had available at the time that was demanding enough. Today, however, the success of [...]

Blog post from the CEO

One of the pleasures of leading Comperio is that I get a chance to meet a lot of interesting people with exciting ideas. Their undertakings span from how to improve productivity through better information access in an intranet, how to boost revenues and profits in an eCommerce solution through supportive shopping guides and a customer-centric [...]


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