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One of the pleasures of leading Comperio is that I get a chance to meet a lot of interesting people with exciting ideas. Their undertakings span from how to improve productivity through better information access in an intranet, how to boost revenues and profits in an eCommerce solution through supportive shopping guides and a customer-centric promotion and product placement strategy, to how automate surveillance and investigations on e-Crime for government agencies– to name a few.

What do these ideas have in common? The answer is at least two things; that they all leverage “Enterprise Search” to support new business models and they all show a high level of leadership in pursuing their ambitions. As you will see on our re-launched website the customers are greatly successful with Enterprise Search and the rewards are high for the company they work for as well as for their own careers.

Maybe it’s time for you to pursue your business idea? If you do we would really like to hear from you. In fact, we invite everyone to share ideas around how Enterprise Search can improve businesses to engage in our new blog.

We have exciting days ahead – join us in shaping the future of Enterprise Search!

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