Tech choices for the seasonal recipes app: A skeleton architecture for working with search relevancy

Although the concepts and sketches for the recipe app are the absolute best of the best, we were unfortunately forced to realize that an actual search solution must take the step down from the platonic world of pure ideas and into the hideous, gory and appalling world of bits, slime and bytes. 

Relevance tuning in the search domain. What is it exactly?

First thing first! Let’s get rid of the bullshit bingo lingo: “Relevancy tuning” in search is a fancy description for something that’s not very magical, even if it sounds like just that. It’s about getting the right results on top of your search result. End of story. If somebody asks you a question, you should [...]

The seasonal recipe app: Tapping into the mental model

Our mental model for the seasonal recipe app is helping people use the best ingredients for any particular time of year is the goal for our little demo search app. Since a lot of people in Norway actually go into the nature and forage, fetch, pick, shoot and fish their own food, we wanted to [...]

Dynamic search ranking using Elasticsearch, Neo4j and Piwik

Getting the correct result at the top of your search results isn’t easy. Anyone working within search quickly realizes this. Tuning the underlying ranking model is a job that just doesn’t end. There is an entire profession about search engine optimization, making sure your site gets as high as possible on Google (and Bing, I [...]

The Seasonal Food Recipe Web Application

So, what’s this you ask? It’s a series of mini-hackathons some of us at Comperio are doing to achieve a small list of goals: Learn more about search, both tech and UX. Show that a nice search user experience doesn’t need a search input box. Show a search that is light weight. Generally, build something [...]

Elasticsearch: Indexing SQL databases. The easy way.

Elasticsearch is a great search engine, flexible, fast and fun. So how can I get started with it? This post will go through how to get contents from a SQL database into Elasticsearch.

How to monetize with a zero result strategy!

In Comperio, we create and develop a lot of interesting search solutions for our customers. The UX designers do user interviews, create personas, user stories, concepts analysis and interaction design. The developers follow up with content analysis, installation of software, configuration, development, and a lot of relevancy tuning: “How can we ensure that the right [...]

Query log analysis – using logstash, elasticsearch and kibana

As a search consultant I need to understand how a search application is used with the end goal of providing a better search experience for the end user. That story can come from many places and part of that story can be found in the query logs. Analyzing query logs brings insight into how a search application [...]

Instant search with AngularJS and elasticsearch

Join our breakfast seminar in Oslo November 28th In this blog post we try to explain how to build a single-page application (SPA) to search in elasticsearch using AngularJS. For simplicity, we will use a twitter index which you can easily create yourself (see here and here). Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by [...]

Elasticsearch smashtime

Last week, Comperio went to the University of Oslo to give the informatics students a brief introduction to elasticsearch and Kibana, so we tweeted and indexed our tweets in addition to many other tweets. Our tutorial, “smashtime”, is based on Simon Willnauer’s tutorial “hammertime” (hence the name), however we introduced some changes to make it [...]

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