Bitbucket to Elasticsearch Connector

“Ability to search source code? (BB-39)” is an issue created in July 2011 on Bitbucket and its status is still new. If you have used Bitbucket before, you would have certainly noticed that there is no way to search in a repository’s source code. Now what if you had more than 200 repositories (as is [...]

ELK in one (Vagrant) box

In this blog post we introduce a Vagrant box to easily create configurable and reproducible development environments for ELK (Elasticsearch, Logastash and Kibana). At Comperio, we mainly use this box for query log analysis using the ELK stack. In case you don’t know, Vagrant is a free and open-source software that combines VirtualBox (a virtualization [...]

Bygger søkesystemer for næringslivet

If you are a new graduate, or about to graduate, and wondering what is it like to be working with search technology at Comperio, read this interview with UiO (University of Oslo): For eksempel kan jeg hjelpe et selskap med å lage bedre søk for å finne informasjon internt i organisasjonens datasystem. Det første jeg [...]

Instant search with AngularJS and elasticsearch

Join our breakfast seminar in Oslo November 28th In this blog post we try to explain how to build a single-page application (SPA) to search in elasticsearch using AngularJS. For simplicity, we will use a twitter index which you can easily create yourself (see here and here). Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by [...]

Elasticsearch smashtime

Last week, Comperio went to the University of Oslo to give the informatics students a brief introduction to elasticsearch and Kibana, so we tweeted and indexed our tweets in addition to many other tweets. Our tutorial, “smashtime”, is based on Simon Willnauer’s tutorial “hammertime” (hence the name), however we introduced some changes to make it [...]


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