Using a trusted Certificate Authority with FSIS

FAST Search for Internet Sites (FSIS) uses certificate-based security for internal communication, as well as for talking to external applications who want to query the index. The default installation optionally creates and configures a self-signed CA, and issues all necessary certificates. This is handy for development and test installations, when it might not be possible [...]

Document Thumbnails and PowerPoint Preview for your search results without installing FAST for SharePoint

[Originally posted at:] Microsoft offers three different flavors of search for SharePoint 2010: Foundation, Standard and Enterprise. For each level upwards you get more feature and better search capabilities. One of the visual features included with FAST for SharePoint is Thumbnails and Previews for the search results, as listed on the comparison table below (Compare [...]

Working with crawled and managed properties via code

I was teaching a FAST for SharePoint Workshop today and we were doing labs on creating and mapping crawled properties to managed properties with the FAST Administration UI and via PowerShell. But one student wanted to know how to do this in code, hence this blog post. Instead of having a deployment script creating your [...]

Query Suggestions in FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP)

Adding query suggestions to your search solution is a feature that can contribute to a better search experience for end-users. First of all, it makes us save time as we don’t have to type in the entire query. Secondly, it can help the user avoid potential spelling errors,  which in turn can reduce the quality of the [...]

Three Main Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to FAST for SharePoint

I was fortunate to be one of three finalists in SharePoint Magazine’s Aspiring Author Contest. Today the article went live and I’m quite happy about it. You can read the article over at SharePoint Magazine, and if you like it feel free to click the Facebook Like button at the end. The other two finalists [...]

Adding new nicknames to SharePoint People Search

Out of the box SharePoint 2010 comes with a pretty good people search. This is due to a combination of phonetic rules and a vast list of nicknames. Out of the box the US English nickname list consists of over 14.000 nickname mappings, ensuring good results when trying to find people. But what if you [...]

DateTime resolution for querying FAST for SharePoint

I was doing range queries in the Search Center UI to limit documents between two exact dates. But no matter what I entered as hours/minutes/seconds in my query I still got the same result. There are good and bad news around this. The good news is that you can change the resolution from day to [...]

Asynchronous search results with JQuery, Solr, Json and Ajax

Update: Aug 5th 2012 A live demo of asynchronous search results with JQuery, Solr, Json and Ajax can now be found here There are many reasons to load search results asynchronously- most of the big searchy dotcoms are going in this direction with Google, Facebook and Twitter all relying heavily on ajax to render their [...]

Why you still should prefer PowerShell over UI to create Search Scopes in FAST for SharePoint

When SharePoint 2010 came out the only way to create a search scope was to do it by PowerShell. Well, you could create the scope name itself via Central Admin, but the actual scope filter had to be done via PowerShell.

Running low on RAM with the FAST Search Database Connector?

In FS4SP, the FAST Search Database Connector is one of three specialized indexing connectors. In other words, they are specific to FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (FS4SP), and not available if  you are “just” running SharePoint Server 2010. For those of us who have been working with ESP, the FAST Search Database Connector is [...]

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