Doing blended results in SharePoint – Part 1: The Hackish Way

(This post is cross posted from Tech and Me) A comment from a colleague on my previous blog post, “XSLT creation revisited for SharePoint 2010 Search and a small search tip”, asked how I would do blended search results in SharePoint Search. I have come up with three ways of doing this, where I will [...]

Increasing the summary length in FS4SP

In the settings for the Core Result Web Part you have the possibility to set the length of your hit summary. The default is 185 characters, and the upper limit seems to be somewhere around 400 when running against FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. As an example I have indexed a page on our [...]

XSLT creation revisited for SharePoint 2010 Search and a small search tip

Search tip If you search with only a hash “#”, then you will do an empty search and all results are returned. When modifying the xslt for the Core Search Result Webpart it’s nice to know what data is actually included in the xml. SharePoint 2010 has a section called “How to: View Search Results [...]

Why the Enterprise Search Web Parts are sealed

I can’t claim to know the real political reasons behind this, which according to Corey Roth’s blog post last December is because “it’s by design”. In my mind “by design” is not a real reason. For non .Net programmers, a sealed web part means that you cannot inherit from it, doing your own customizations. So, [...]

Fast ESP 5.3 index profile oddities

The following mentions a few nuissances in the Fast ESP 5.3 index profile. Composite field context weight sums Weights are not relative to its containing element. I.e. the field-weights within the context part of a composite-rank do not sum up to a 100% which most people find intuitive. If you have two fields weighted 100 [...]

FAST Search for Internet Sites

FAST Search Server 2010 for Internet Sites (FSIS) was released previously this fall, and the first implementations are already well under way. Here at Comperio, we are in the final phases of rolling out our first FSIS-based solution for a customer in Sweden. For the first time since Microsoft’s acquisition of FAST, the broad audience [...]

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