Voting patterns at the Norwegian parliament

A couple of weeks ago we saw the blog post visualizing the voting patterns in the Polish parliament. In anticipation of the upcoming election and in the interest of checking up on our elected representatives we thought we would do a similar analysis for the Norwegian parliament. First we will visualize a projection of the voting data [...]

How Elasticsearch calculates significant terms

Many of you who use Elasticsearch may have used the significant terms aggregation and been intrigued by this example of fast and simple word analysis. The details and mechanism behind this aggregation tends to be kept rather vague however and couched in terms like “magic” and the commonly uncommon. This is unfortunate since developing informative [...]

Using iPython notebooks and Pycharm together

IPython notebooks have become an indispensable tool for many Python developers. They are a reasonably good environment for interactive computing, can contain inline data visualisations and can be hosted remotely for sharing results or working together with other developers. In many academic environments and increasingly in industry IPython notebooks are used for data visualisation work [...]

Beer and searching at Elasticon

Christoffer was pacing angrily back and forth, Nøgne Ø IPA in his left hand, phone in the other. I was looking at the the long list of cancellations, including our connecting flight to Arlanda on the way to SF. The Norwegian strike was hitting hard with nearly no planes flying in Europe. Arlanda airport is [...]

Comperio goes to Elasticon

Elasticon, the first Elasticsearch user conference, is coming in a couple of weeks. Hosted in San-Francisco, the agenda promises a lot of interesting use cases and in-depth information about Elasticsearch and the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) analytics stack. It is an 11 hour plane trip away, but here at Comperio we consider Elasticsearch one of [...]

Some CSV import tricks in Neo4j

The CSV file import facility in Neo4J is interesting in that it allows you to run Cypher queries iteratively over your dataset. This gives us a lot of flexibility and relieves us of the need for transforming our data to a Neo4J specific format. We can export tables with for example foreign keys to other [...]


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