Mridu Agarwal

Mridu Agarwal
Enterprise Search Consultant with a love for reading, travelling and exploring the unknown.

Experimenting with Open Source Web Crawlers

Whether you want to do market research or gather financial risk information or just get news about your favorite footballer from various news site,  web scraping has many uses. In my quest to learn know more about web crawling and scraping , I decided to test couple of Open Source Web Crawlers which were not [...]

Content Enrichment Web Service SharePoint 2013 – Advantages and Challenges

If you have worked with search solutions before, you will know that very often there is a need to process data before it can be displayed in search results. This processing might be required to address some of(but not limited to) these common issues: Missing metadata issues Inconsistent metadata issues Cleansing of content Integration of semantic [...]

Enhancing Web Analytics with Search Analytics

Web Analytics is the process of measuring and analyzing web data to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website.Tracking and improving search (search analytics) is an important part of web analytics which is often forgotten by many site owners. Website search analytics should not be underestimated as it can provide valuable insights into what [...]


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