FRONT 5 is now released

FRONT 5 is now released.

the Comperio FRONT logo

The Comperio FRONT logo

FRONT is the tool that Comperio has developed to create advanced search solutions for our customers. We are now releasing a new version of FRONT with new features, and improved speed and stability.

Improved speed and stability

We have spent a lot of time improving performance. We know that it is important to not only find what you’re looking for, but to find it quickly. The changes we have made for this release should give a significant performance boost for most use cases.

We’ve also spend a lot of time removing legacy code, simplifying the API, and updating the libraries. This reduces the complexity of the code. It also removes possible points of failure. With the latest review we have prepared FRONT for the future. This will also help us write custom code for our customers faster.

New and improved features

We’ve added a JSON endpoint. JSON is great when you want to keep bandwidth usage down and when you want to communicate with FRONT using javascript. Using a JSON endpoint makes it easier to create search applications with fewer layers between the user and the search engine.

Query logging has been improved. One of the features added is logging directly in the JSON format used by elasticsearch, making it easy to set up query analytics using the ELK stack. We want to create tailored search solutions. Each user base and each domain have their own needs. Query analytics allows us to see how your users use your solution. Insight into how your users use search will allow you to improve the solution.

Integrating with different search engines is obviously important for us. Since the last release we have started supporting elasticsearch. This makes us especially glad since they are one of our partners.  Support for IBM ICA has also been included in our tool  kit, and we have improved our support for Apache Solr.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Article written by

Eivind Elseth
Search consultant at Comperio. Apart from search, Eivind enjoys coffee, semantics, figuring out why stuff works, and why they don't. Eivind has a M.Sc. in Information Science.

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