Introducing Solrstrap: A blazing fast tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion

I have just made the first (unnumbered) release of Solrstrap available on github

Solrstrap is a Query-Result interface for Solr- it is intended to be a starting point for those building web interfaces that talk to Solr, or a very lightweight admin tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion.

Cool things about Solrstrap:

  • Requires only local installation- easy to set up
  • Access to all Bootstrap functionality. Can be easily extended in a Bootstrappy way.
  • Blazing fast
  • Uses less bandwidth

Use it as you see fit. Merciless criticism and fawning praise equally welcome.

Article written by

Fergus McDowall
Senior Consultant at Comperio. Dedicated emacs user.

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  1. August 9, 2013 at 10:46 | Permalink

    Hi, I have been looking at solrstrap for the last few days. It looks like a useful model for creating responsive search applications.

    I have forked the project on github, and made a few changes that you might want to consider:

    1) Added search term highlighting to search result.

    2) Made facet handling more robust (the current code does not handle facet values with whitespace or non-ASCII characters).

    3) Use jQuery.ajax instead of jQuery.getJSON for queries – this makes it possible to use jsonp (which does away with CORS restrictions), and also makes it easier to set up the query (as you don’t have to construct the url).

    4) Use click handlers for facets (both for adding and removing). This also makes the handlebars templates simpler.

    A few more options:

    5) Use the jquery.bbq library instead of modifying the page url directly (simpler and probably more effective, as jquery.bbq modifies the fragment part of the url, which can be done without a reload). Note: I’m not 100% sure how this plays with repeated parameters, like “fq”.

    6) Use (or similar) to access jquery, bootstrap etc instead of bundling these with solrstrap.

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